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Smart Airbag Eye Massager

Smart Airbag Eye Massager

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Brand Name: SALORIE

Application: Eyes

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Certification: CE

Product Size: 180*53*48mm

Input voltage: 5V

Use power: 5W

Battery capacity: 1200MAH

Charging Time: 5 hours

Working Time: 15 minutes(automatic shut-down)

Standby Time: 30 days

Vibration Power: 8000-10000

Compress Temperature: About 28-50 degrees


# Product introduction:

Principle of action: There are many acupuncture points around the eyes of the person recorded in the medical book. When the eyes are frequently rubbed/blinking/sightedness/sightedness is dizzy, the eye is too tired, and the skin can be massaged around the eyes and the temples properly. Achieve the effect of dredging and relax your eyes. The eye massager is to simulate the "push-squeeze-pinch-push" massage around the eyes and the temples, and add the hot compress of the eye.

relax the eyes and cooperate with the Bluetooth music to get rid of the fatigue of the day.

Functions for Eye Massager:

1. Hot Compress
2. Double Pressure
3. Music Function
4. 180° Folded
5. Multiple Frequency Vibration
6. Strong Air Pressure
7. One Key Operation
8. Internal Battery



Instructions for Use:

Four massage modes. One-button control mode loop. (simple design, easy operation for elderly and children)

1. Eye Protection Mode: (long press switch/mode key - power on)Massage function + music

2. Nursing Mode: (short press on/mode key - switch)Massage function + music + hot compress function

3. Strong Mode :(short press on/mode key - switch)Massage function + music + hot compress function + vibration massage

4, Refreshing Mode: (press the power on/mode button to change everything)Hot compress function + music

5. Short press boot/mode key-switch to eye protection mode

6. The bluetooth connection name of this instrument is: DIMENG

7. You can switch the buil-in music of Bluetooth music by pressing the music key for a long time.



Applicable for peoples :

1.Primary and middle school students/myopic/people with brain overload and long-term eyewear fatigue 2 computer

2.operators/accountants/designers/secretaries/teachers. Long time driving drivers, precision instrument workers and other workers with eyes and brain.

3. Stay up late with dark circles and bags under the eyes. Those who stay up too late playing mahjong, suffer from eye fatigue/dizziness, often suffer from insomnia.


*The following groups are forbidden:

Eye disease, acute disease, facial nerve pain, artificial heart and lung, etc., not suitable for this instrument.


Package Includes:

  • Eye Massager *1
  • USB Cable *1
  • English/Chinese User Manual *1
  • 2.5m Vision Monitor *1
  • Gray Gift Bag *1



  • Office Worker
  • Gamer
  • Stay up late family
  • Children myopia

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