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Car Air Refresher with LED light Perfume

Car Air Refresher with LED light Perfume

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Type: Car Air Refresher

Item Volume: 50ml

Material Type: Plastic+Alloy

Special Features: With LED light and starry sky light

Item Weight: 0.5

Certification: CE

Voltage (V): 12v

Power Source: Battery one charge last for 180 days

Type: Activated Carbon Air Filter

USB: Type C

Applicable place: Home,Car

Note: This product does not contain perfume


Car air freshener with LED light combines the practicality of keeping your vehicle smelling fresh with a touch of style and ambiance. Here's a detailed description:

  • Designed to not only eliminate odors but also add a subtle glow to your car interior, this product redefines freshness on the go.
  • The LED light, strategically positioned within the freshener unit, emits a soft and soothing illumination, creating a serene ambiance within your vehicle.

  • But that's not all - our air freshener utilizes cutting-edge technology to neutralize unwanted odors effectively.
  • Installation is effortless, thanks to the convenient clip-on design that securely attaches to your car's air vent. Simply clip it in place, and let the refreshing aroma and gentle LED glow transform your driving environment instantly.
  • Upgrade your driving experience today and indulge in the perfect harmony of freshness and style.



  • Press once to constantly illuminate the starry sky top
  • Press twice to flash
  • Press again to close
  • Rich aroma, bright white light
  • Fragrant Bright Orange Lamp
  • Green light on in home mode
  • Three Frequencies of Aroma Release
  • Strong fragrance mode
  • Start and stop with the car, spray once every 1 minute, and automatically sleep 10 minutes after turning off the engine
  • Driving and parking, continuously spraying


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